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How to take screenshot in window 10 : Short key to take screenshot in window 10

    How to take screenshot in window 10 –

    To take screenshot in window 10  is very easy.Window 10 offer inbuilt “snipping tool” to take means no need to download third party software to take screenshot in window 10.

    Step by step guide to take screenshot in window 10-



    Type “snipping tool” in search bar in window 10 or click “window key + S key”

    Click “open”

    After click “open” below window will appear-



    Set mode “rectangular” or of your choice & then take screenshot easily.

    You can also pin this tool in your taskbar to quick access.


    How to take whole screen’s screenshot in window 10 easily:Short key

    Click “window key + prt sc” & your whole screen’s screenshot will be saved in your PC.

    SHORT KEY to take quick screenshot in window 10-

    “window key + shift + S key”


    How to save screenshot in PC taking via snipping tool-

    click “ctrl + s” & save in desired folder.

    Do you know that you can simply copy that screenshot by “ctrl + C” & paste it anywhere without save it by press “ctrl + V”.


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