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How to Answer the 5 Most Common Job Interview Questions

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    How to Answer the 5 Most Common Job Interview Questions

    1. What are your strengths?

    2. What are your weaknesses?

    3. Where do you see yourself in five years?

    4. What motivates you to succeed?

    5. Why should we hire you?

    1.My strengths are creativity, motivation and a desire to always learn new skills. I see myself in five years as a leader in my field. My motivations include the ability to help others and try new things.I am very passionate about my work and love what I do.

    2.My weaknesses are that I can sometimes be too hard on myself and become discouraged easily.

    3.In five years, I see myself as a successful freelance designer, developing creative solutions in the marketplace with a strong network of connections in the design industry.

    4. Motivation is my willingness to always learn new skills and to work hard to design unique projects in the industry.

    5. I am motivated by a desire to always do my best work and to make a difference for others.


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